About Me


Who:     Just some woman, unremarkable but fascinated by the world around me

Born:     Michigan, USA

Family:  My ever-patient, German husband, two grown (and handsome) sons, and 1 Dachshund named Paul 


In 2008 and in the beginning stages of self-realization, I replanted myself in Europe ... far from my birthplace.  Since beginning this journey, my life has morphed in extraordinary ways in an atempt to design an entirely new life.  There have been language barriers, the search for new friendships, chronic illness, personal loss, and the occasional feeling of being completely alone.  Simply put, I turned my life upside-down, but have found myself on my feet.  Each place I've lived, from various locations all over Germany, to the Netherlands, to northern Italy, to the south of France, and back to Germany, has transformed me in a hundred different ways; sometimes, strangely so!  My current home sits within a 15th century castle. Here, we haven't any central heating and are completely surrounded by the sounds of nature and that which can only be heard in a village of 150 people. Pretty cool ... and inspiring!